Updated Centralized CAN Cell Group Module released

EMUS Centralized Cell Group Module or “Slave unit” has been updated and new version [CCGM022] is equipped with two CAN connectors for easy BMS system assembly and updated software allows data transfer down to 100ms update period. Each CCGM is capable to manage from minimum 6 up to 16 lithium cells and total 32 CCGM units can be connected in series, parallel or mixed topology. Meaning with one Control Unit client is capable to monitor up to 512 cells battery pack.

EMUS Centralized Cell Group Modules can be easily connected with already prepared CAN connection cables (30cm, 100cm, or custom length) and other accessories, which makes EMUS likely the easiest to assemble BMS system in the world!

Look for product specification at the product page in “Cell Communication adapters” category.