Battery Made Simple

About EMUS

Established in year 2010 with a strong determination to create, develop, and innovate, we started as a company that developed various control systems for custom electric vehicles. From the very beginning in early 2008 it was the company‘s co-founder‘s and current CEO project, where he did first in the country internal combustion engine conversion into electric one and registered it for street legal driving. As our expertise grew, we re-shaped our scope to focus mainly on lithium battery management systems for the fast-growing e-mobility, robotics, energy storages and other industries where lithium batteries are used.

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Using Li-Ion batteries functional safety, whole battery system customization, maintenance efforts and total cost of ownership are key criteria to utilize cost effective clean energy solutions. That is where EMUS BMS stands out in the market – it provides highly modular and flexible battery management system topology (Distributed, Centralized or even mixed) for almost any voltage and current (discharge) ranges, which allows to match customer’s application requirements precisely. More than 10 years of experience developing hardware design and proprietary software algorithms, provides EMUS customers with high quality intelligent battery management system, which is famous for - user friendly setup and integration, free of charge software, extremely wide range of battery system operational scenarios setup. We practice zero tolerance to quality and reliability faults, so our customers can be confident using EMUS battery management systems. EMUS Control Panel provides users with ability to configure and parameterize more than 300 various parameters, hence power supply, charging, communication, SOC/SOH, warnings, and protections parameters setup possibilities are unlimited. Battery made simple – this is EMUS BMS promise helping individuals and companies all around the world to operate safely Li-Ion batteries with easy and fast BMS assembly as well intuitive system setup!

The company's trade

Our main area of activity and expertise is all about adapting lithium chemistry batteries for use and safe operation in wide range of different applications – we produce intelligent and highly flexible lithium battery management systems that are applicable almost anywhere, starting from small, mass produced electric vehicles, ending with large projects, such as extremely high capacity backup power supplies or grid stabilization devices. We also offer complete low-voltage lithium battery solutions, provide online and on-site technical support, consult on various topics, and eagerly cooperate on projects that we think will make the world a better place.