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1 Centralized Cell Group Module (CCGM)

EMUS Centralized Cell Group Module (CCGM) is a battery cells communication adapter (or “Slave unit”) equipped with two CAN connectors for easy BMS system assembly and integrated proprietary EMUS software allows data transfer within 100ms frequency. It also have 5 external temperature sensors to monitor ambient temperature. 

Each CCGM is capable to manage from 6 up to 16 lithium cells and total 32 CCGM units can be connected in series, parallel or mixed topology. Meaning with one Control Unit client is capable to monitor up to 512 cells battery pack.

2 Current Sensor

EMUS support three types of current sensors: busbar dual range, closed loop hall effect and third party “Isabellenhütte” IVT series current sensors.

3 Control Unit

EMUS G1 Control Unit (or simply Control Unit) is the main controller that autonomously executes all core and utility functions of battery management. 

It connects to user’s PC via USB port and allows to make BMS system configuration via EMUS Control Panel.

EMUS G1 Control Unit is also equipped with a non isolated CAN interface. This interface is multipurpose, and enables the Control Unit to:
• Communicate with other CAN equipped EMUS G1 BMS components
• Control certain third-party charging devices
• Transmit BMS activity data (either periodically or by request)
• Receive new configuration parameter values and other special messages

EMUS Centralized CCGM system is suitable for Lithium-ion chemistry battery packs in e-mobility, electric energy storages (EES) applications where modularity is required. In such applications cylindrical or pouch cells are used mostly and such BMS topology (Centralized) fits best for managing multiple blocks of cells connected in parallel and series. Within industry it‘s commonly called as Master/Slave battery management system, refering to EMUS Control Unit as a Master, and CCGM devices as Slaves.

Including EMUS Closed Loop or Bus Bar Current sensor, or third party CAN based Isabellenhütte IVT-S series sensor and accessories for connection this system is famous for:

  • Wide scalability options for high voltage (up to 800V) and capacity systems
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Fixed 400mA passive balancing
  • 5 external temperature sensors
  • Each CCGM unit supports from 6 up to 16 lithium cells in series
  • Supports 50, 125, 250, 500, 800 kbit/s and 1 Mbit/s CAN baud rates

* For applications above 1000V, EMUS provide customized BMS solutions, please contact at sales[et]emusbms.com

EMUS G1 Centralized CCGM system components

G1 BMS Control Unit

EMUS BMS Unified Control Unit is the the main controller in Emus battery management system, that automatically controls the battery operation process utilizing various interfaces for measurement, control, data exchange, configuration and indication.


G1 Centralized CAN Cell Group Module

EMUS Centralized CAN Cell Group Modules (also known as CCGMs) are advanced cell communication adapters for interfacing main controller and a battery pack up to 16 Lithium cells


G1 Bus Bar Dual Range Current Sensor

EMUS BMS Bus Bar Dual Range Current Sensor is a highly accurate hall-effect current measurement device, specifically designed to be used in EMUS battery management system.


G1 Loop Style Dual Range Current Sensor

EMUS BMS Loop style Dual Range Current Sensor is a highly accurate hall-effect current measurement device, specifically designed to be used in EMUS battery management system.


Connection accessories

C3WC01A – 3 Way CAN Connector



CNC03 – CAN connection cable



CNC04 – CAN connection cable to Control Unit



CNT01 – CAN line terminator



Optional components

G1 Display Unit

Emus BMS Display Unit is a device dedicated to monitor battery status and other Emus BMS activity data in real time.


G1 Smartphone Connectivity Module

Emus BMS Smartphone Connectivity Module is low energy adapter that allows to wirelessly monitor various battery parameters in real time on any Android and iOS device using Emus EVGUI app, or any PC running Windows operating system, using the usb dongle. The Smartphone Connectivity Module connects to the main controller using RS232 interface.


G1 Remote Monitoring System unit

Emus BMS Can Cell Group Modules are cell communication adapters for interfacing the main controller and separate parts of a battery pack, that enables Emus battery management system to serve large battery packs and systems of multiple cell strings connected in parallel.


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