EMUS G1 system 2.7 software version is released!

We at EMUS believe, that monitoring of any battery pack and proper setup of battery management system should be easy understandable and provide perfect user experience. Therefore EMUS team worked hard and thoroughly to present new EMUS G1 system 2.7 software version!

Updates include important fixes for various chargers and inverters to run BMS system at it’s best performance. Major improvements include new SOC calculation based on Kalman algorithm and battery SOC/OCV curve, SOH estimation. As well published detailed information on how to use Master/Slave system, where several or even more Control Units act as a separate control units for separate battery strings.

New Control Panel version 2.7 includes refreshed overall look and feel of the panel, new features support like Master/Slave configuration,
single CGM configuration and more!


Look for new software at EMUS Supporting material menu page!