EMUS released MINI 3 – compact BMS device for battery packs up to 16 cells!

The recent and ongoing development in the technology of rechargeable lithium batteries has been steadily increasing their performance and making them more safe, reliable, cheap, and easy to manufacture. Despite the advantages, all rechargeable cells of lithium chemistry have a very strict allowed voltage range and certain charging temperature limitations. If operated outside these limits, they will fail prematurely and pose safety risks due to reactive components inside them.

In order to overcome these problems and to fully exploit the advantages of rechargeable lithium batteries, it is necessary to use an intelligent battery management system that can autonomously monitor the battery parameters at individual cell level in real time and prevent them from going outside the safe operation limits.

EMUS has developed the EMUS BMS Mini 3 (MNC034) precisely for that purpose. It is a highly flexible, state of the art digital battery management system with a unique set of features and utility functions for battery packs from 6 up to 16 cells connected in series, that is designed to make the use of rechargeable lithium batteries straightforward and virtually maintenance-free, regardless of the battery size, cells arrangement (series or parallel), capacity, voltage, and other factors.

Main features include: designed for any lithium chemistry cells (2.0-4.55V) connectivity to PC via USB port, 500mA passive balancing, CAN communication, 100A continuous charge/discharge current, integrated pre-charge circuitry, wide selection of warnings and protections settings options on EMUS Control Panel, advanced SOC/SOH algorithms.

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