EMUS BMS retrofit board designed specifically for Tesla Model S battery module of ~5.3kWh is the device that once mounted on a battery pack measures cells voltages, temperatures, its own temperature, and broadcasts all measured values to the main unit. Also, using previously mentioned values it regulates the balancing current to keep the cell’s voltage lower than the balancing threshold, while at the same time keeping its own temperature lower
than a certain maximum value to protect itself from overheating. Before purchase please check carefully mounting holes distances between Tesla battery module you have and those displayed at EMUS board’s drawing on it’s datasheet.


Shunt characteristics:
 – Balancing resistor resistance= 8Ω;
 – PMAX= 2W;
Max balancing current: 0.5A (limited by PMAX);
Operating voltage: 2.0V – 4.55V;
Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C;
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±10mV;
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±5°C;
Dimensions: 182x60x15 mm;
Mounting hole: M3.

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EMUS Tesla Module retrofit BMS board

1x EMUS Tesla Module retrofit BMS board
To be purchased separately:
– CAN cable to Control Unit, CNC04-100
– Additional external thermistors, ETS06


EMUS Tesla Module retrofit BMS board with Quick Start Kit

1x EMUS Tesla Module retrofit BMS board, TES011C
1x CAN cable 100cm, CNC03-100
4x External 10kOhm NTC thermistors 25cm, ETS06-25


G1 BMS User Manual 2.10

2023-11-13 11:19:54

Download Release Notes


Tesla Module retrofit BMS Firmware 1.9

2021-08-13 17:29:35



Tesla Module retrofit BMS data sheet TES011C

2021-08-12 20:01:43


3D Design Files:

Tesla Module retrofit BMS STEP file C

2021-08-13 17:27:27


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