EMUS BMS Mini all-in-one solution (EOL)

We released BMS product called “Mini”. It is compact and powerful all-in-one solution for smaller capacity battery packs of up to 16 cells. This exciting new product includes all essential BMS components: cells voltages, temperatures and current measurement and monitoring, cells balancing, protection from unsafe voltages, temperatures and currents, integrated solid-state contactor with capacitance pre-charge solution, collection and of statistics and events. It has discrete I/O pins along with CAN and LIN interfaces for integration with various chargers and peripherals. CANOpen is used as a basis communication protocol allowing EMUS BMS Mini to be integrated with various types of control systems. BMS Mini has Bluetooth Low Energy interface to configure and monitor it from smartphone app. It also has a serial interface for easy integration with new EMUS RMS system which turns Mini into IoT device that can be maintained remotely.

Product is EOL, please look at newest version here: https://emusbms.com/product/bms-mini-3