G1 Cell Module – CALB CAM 72Ah type

CALB CAM 72Ah type


Emus BMS Cell Modules are the single cell controllers that measure cell voltage and provide means of controlled dissipative balancing. Each Cell Module can also measure its own temperature, and is equipped with a special serial interface for communication with the main controller.

The CALB72 model is designed specifically for CALB CAM 72 cells (LiFePO4 chemistry).


Shunt characteristics:
 – RTOT= 3Ohm;
 – PMAX= 4W;
Max balancing current: 1.2A (limited by PMAX);
Operating voltage: 2.0V÷4.55V;
Operating temperature: -40°C ÷ +80°C;
Voltage measurement accuracy: ± 10mV;
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5°C;
Dimensions: 80.5x13x2.5 mm;
Wire length: 100mm;
Mounting hole: M7.2.

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Cell module for CALB CAM 72 cells

G1 Cell module for CALB CAM 72Ah cells – 1 pcs.


G1 BMS User Manual 1.3.0

2018-12-07 15:25:07

G1 BMS system user manual which documents the whole BMS system components, connectivity, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and much more.

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