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EMUS has developed and released BMS Mini 3 – highly flexible, state of the art digital battery management system with a unique set of features and utility functions for battery packs from 6 up to 16 cells connected in series, that is designed to make the use of rechargeable lithium batteries safe and easy. It’s ideal, all-in-one BMS for cells with capacities up to around 150Ah depending on cells quality and thermal battery system management.

Main features: supports most of lithium-ion chemistry cells (2.00-4.55V), connectivity to PC via USB port, wireless smartphone connectivity with an EMUS App, 500mA/@4.2V passive balancing, SD card for data logging, CAN communication, 100A continuous charge/discharge current, MOSFET contactors, integrated pre-charge circuitry, two current sensors, wide selection of warnings and protections settings options on EMUS Control Panel, advanced SOC/SOH algorithms.


  • AGV, UGV
  • E-scooters
  • Motorcycles
  • 2/3-wheelers
  • Mobile energy storages


See more details on product webpage  MINI 3

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