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Optional accessory can be used in any configuration.

Emus BMS Smartphone Connectivity Module is low energy adapter that allows to wirelessly monitor various battery parameters in real time on any Android and iOS device using Emus EVGUI app, or any PC running Windows operating system, using the  usb dongle. The Smartphone Connectivity Module connects to the main controller using RS232 interface. A compatible EMUS EVGUI  App is available on Google Play and App Store in Apps downloads section.


  • Wireless connectivity: Smartphone compatible
  • Range: 15m
  • Operating voltage: 9.0V – 32.0V
  • Operating temp.: -40°C to +80°C
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 15 mm
  • Wire length: 1.5m
  • Mounting holes: M3.5

Additional capabilities:

  • Shows BMS serial number during module discovery for easier identification
  • Customizable discovery name.
  • Allows to change PIN code.
  • Module configuration locking.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone 4S or later.
  • Android 4.4 or later.
  • All Windows OS versions with BLED112 usb dongle.

Ordering Information:

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Part number Description Package Contents


12-24V Smartphone connectivity module for Android, iOS, EVGUI

EMUS BMS Smartphone connectivity module – 1pcs
Cable 22AWG Grey 1.5m – 1psc
Bluetooth dongle required, must be purchased at third parties separately (model BLED112-V1)



G1 BMS User Manual 2.7.1

2021-08-20 10:34:22

G1 BMS system user manual which documents the whole BMS system components, connectivity, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and much more.

Download Release Notes


G1 Smartphone Connectivity Module data sheet SCM030A

2021-04-21 13:47:53


G1 Control Unit Serial Protocol 2.0.13

2018-12-10 10:34:09

Download Release Notes



2018-11-11 22:56:49

App Store

EVGUI for Android

2018-11-13 13:31:36

Get it on Google Play

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