G1 Loop Style Dual Range Current Sensor

EMUS BMS Closed Loop Dual Range Current Sensor

EMUS BMS Loop style Dual Range Current Sensor is a highly accurate hall-effect current measurement device, specifically designed to be used in EMUS battery management system.  The rugged, closed-loop design allows the sensor to be mounted directly on a power cable, witch makes the installation easier, improves calibration stability, and eliminates the heat generation issue at high currents.


Nominal current measurement up to ± 800 A;
Peak current measurement up to ± 1200 A;
Acccuracy: 0.5%;
Storage temp.: -40°C to +95°C;
Operating temp.: –40°C to +80°C;
Supply Voltage(DC): 5V;
Calibrated at factory;
Wire lenght: 100cm;
Interfaces: Standard;
EMUS BMS Dual Range Current Sensor Connector;
Dimensions: 70×60.5×25 mm;
Hole for cable mounting;
Hole diameter: 18.5 mm.

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Dual range 800A through loop current sensor

EMUS BMS Closed Loop Dual Range Current Sensor – 1 pcs.
Connection with control unit cable – 1 m.


G1 BMS User Manual 1.4.0

2020-01-24 12:52:01

G1 BMS system user manual which documents the whole BMS system components, connectivity, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and much more.

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