EMUS BMS Bottom Isolator (no wires)

EMUS BMS Top/Bot Isolator


EMUS BMS Top Isolator – 1pcs.
EMUS BMS Bot Isolator – 1pcs.
Ring Terminal M8 – 3 pcs.

Emus BMS Top/Bot Isolators are cell communication adapters that provide optical isolation in application where the main controller communicates directly to EMUS BMS Cell Modules. The Bot isolator connects between the main controller and the first cell of series-connected battery pack, while the Top Isolator provides isolating barrier between the last cell of series-connected battery pick and the main controller.


Operating temp: -40°C÷+80°C;
Galvanic isolation up to 2kV;
Dimensions: 72x7x8mm±1mm;
Wireslength: 200mm;
Support up to 254 cells.
Recommended for use in consumer applications and small,one-piece battery packs.

Part numberDescriptionContents
CCA010DTop isolator only
CCA010D-NWTop isolator only; no wires; without coating
CCA020DBottom isolator only
CCA020D-NWBottom isolator only; no wires; without coating
CCA030D-NWTop/Bottom isolator pair; no wires; without coating
CCA030DTop/Bottom isolator pair


Emus EVGUI v1.6.2


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Emus BMS User Manual v1.2.1


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