Centralized CAN Cell Group Module


EMUS Centralized CAN Cell Group Module (also known as CCGM) is advanced cell communication adapter for interfacing main controller and a battery pack up to 16 lithium cells which enables Emus battery management system to save space by reducing the need of having cell modules as each CCGM directly monitors each battery cell. Up to 32 Centralized CAN Cell Group can be connected to the system.

  • Cell voltages and temperatures measurement
  • Battery current measurement
  • Balancing of the cells
  • Integrated contactor to protect the battery


  • Robots
  • Scooters
  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Lightweight vehicles
  • Mobile storages


  • Number of cells: 6 … 16
  • Balancing current: 420mA
  • Supply voltage: 12-67V
  • Temperature sensors: 5x
  • General purpose inputs: 2x
  • General purpose outputs: 4x
  • Isolation between communication and battery side: 1500V
  • Operating temperature: -40 +80
  • Dimensions: 90x54x17
  • Communications bus: CAN
  • Mounting holes: M4

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EMUS Centralized CAN Cell Group Module 

1x EMUS Centralized CAN Cell Group Module


G1 BMS User Manual 1.3.0

2018-12-07 15:25:07

G1 BMS system user manual which documents the whole BMS system components, connectivity, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and much more.

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