3A type (Pair, 1 pcs. A + 1 pcs. B)

3A type


Emus BMS Cell Modules are the single cell controllers that measure cell voltage and provide means of controlled dissipative balancing. Each Cell Module can also measure its own temperature and, and is equipped with a special serial interface for communication with the main controller.

The 3A model is a standard solution, designed for convenient wiring and easy installation on higher-capacity prismatic cells. This model also has a possibility to connect an additional external temperature sensor for measuring the cell temperature.


EMUS BMS Cell Module 3A type A – 1 pcs.
EMUS BMS Cell Module 3A type-B – 1 pcs.


Shunt characteristics:
 – RTOT= 1.35Ohm;
 – PMAX= 10W;
Max balancing current: 2,7A (limited by PMAX);
Operating voltage: 2.0V÷4.55V;
Operating temperature: -40°C ÷ +80°C;
Voltage measurement accuracy:± 10mV;
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5°C;
Dimensions: 75x30x15 mm;
Wire length: 100mm;
Mounting hole: M9.
Part numberDescriptionContents
CM070A- NWPair of A and B 3A cell modules; no wire


Emus EVGUI v1.6.2


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Emus BMS User Manual v1.2.1


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