EMUS Remote Monitoring System soon to be released

New EMUS Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is at the final stages of product development approaching completion. EMUS RMS allows to collect BMS status, events and statistics data remotely. The collected data is received and stored on cloud server that can be easily users accessed via web browser. Customers may monitor vital parameters of their battery operation. Batteries fleet management of batteries via convenient web tool. RMS may also be used for remote configuration and firmware management of BMS. Two versions of RMS Unit are proposed: Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi/Cellular. RMS connects to BMS Mini or BMS G1 Control Unit via serial link cable or via CAN interface. It has its own Wi-Fi access point and may be configured from smartphone. Configured RMS operates in standalone mode and sends data to cloud server via Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G cellular link on configured intervals and conditions. Cloud server collects data and provides web interface for users. It may be operated as standalone fleet management system and upon request integrated in other fleet management solutions.