Mini BMS Firmware


Charger selection table

This feature allows user to select desired list of chargers, which will be detectable by BMS mini.

TC Elcon charger support

Added support for TC Elcon charger operating under SAE J1939 standard.

Charging timeout monitoring

This feature stops charging due to extended balancing duration, when accumulated charge exceeds charge of battery capacity.


Battery cell measurement precision increased.

Overall system performance improvements.


‘Invert’ function for output type pin functions did not work.

There were some cases after BMS mini power-up battery voltages are not being shown.

In some cases ‘Ignition’ pin function did not work as intended.

‘Ignition’ control could override active battery protections and close inner contactor.

Minimum and maximum values of statistics were not shown correctly.

Statistical entity was updated and notified even when its value was the same.

In some cases ‘Cell count mismatch protection’ was triggered despite correct conditions. Therefore it was necessary to reconfigure ‘Number of battery cells’ parameter.

Contactor soft-start/precharge feature rarely timed-out.

When charging is finished despite its duration, SOC is set to 100%.