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A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.
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About EMUS

Established in year 2010 with a strong determination to create, develop, and innovate, we started as a company that developed various control systems for custom electric vehicles. As our expertise grew, we re-shaped our scope to focus mainly on lithium battery management systems, and successfully introduced our products to various other energy storage related application fields. Today, we continue to work on accomplishing our goals with the same kind of determination as in the beginning.

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We believe that production of energy by burning fossil fuels is a last century technology, and the climatic change influenced by a human economic activity commits us to act reasonably and responsibly. We are certain that the future of the World energy market are solutions based on intelligent, non-polluting, economical and efficient technologies. Our objective is to promote the technological development that is required in order to harness renewable energy to its full potential.

The company's trade

Our main area of activity and expertise is all about adapting lithium chemistry batteries for use and safe operation in wide range of different applications – we produce intelligent and highly flexible lithium battery management systems that are applicable almost anywhere, starting from small, mass produced electric vehicles, ending with large projects, such as extremely high capacity backup power supplies or grid stabilization devices. We also offer complete low-voltage lithium battery solutions, provide online and on-site technical support, consult on various topics, and eagerly cooperate on projects that we think will make the world a better place.